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LXL Architrave Linings 70x140

Product Description
  • The architrave is designed to finish the installation of the loft ladder and to cover gaps in the ceiling which remain after the fitting process.
  • The architrave elements are of solid pine wood (LXL-P) or in white (LXL-W) or PVC (LXL-PVC).
  • This quick and simple fitting process ensures a fast, aesthetically pleasing finish of the installed Loft Ladder.
  • In the case of PVC architrave, connection with the box does not require any nails.
  • The LXL-PVC architrave is available in white*.
  • Architrave Linings LXL-P/-W
  • Available for loft ladders LWK Komfort, LWL, LTK Energy, LWT, LWF 45, LDK, LMS, LMK Standard Dimensions 70x140cm. Non-Standard Dimensions  - 1.
  • For ladders in sizes smaller than 70x140 the standard size of architrave slats has to be cut. 2.
  • For ladders in sizes bigger than 70x140 the non-standard architrave slats have to be ordered with the detailed box dimensions.
  • Slats thickness after installation on box 1cm.
  • Slats width 3.5cm. Max width of the gaps, the architrave slats cover after installation on the box 2.5cm.
  • Architrave Linings LXL-PVC Available for loft ladders LWK Komfort, LWL, LTK Energy, LWT, LWF 45, LDK, LMS, LMK Standard Dimensions 60/70x120 or 86x140 Non-Standard Dimensions for ladders in sizes smaller than 86x140, the standard size of the slats has to be cut.
  • Slats thickness after installation on box 1cm.
  • Slats width 3.3cm Max width of the gaps the architrave slats cover after installation on the box 2.4cm.

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